A must stay – Ruby Marie Hotel

On one of our visits to Vienna, we stayed in the Ruby Marie Hotel. This charming hotel is located directly on Mariahilfestraße in Vienna’s 7th District of Neubau. In the past whole of the building has been a shopping center, which has been renovated and its upper floors turned into this boutique hotel, which is definitely worth a visit.

Ruby Marie Hotel Vienna

Ruby Marie outside view and Room greeting

Rooms have their own specific charm are nicely decorated and have a lot of specific details. Certainly not to overlook is the Marshall amplifier that you can connect to your mobile phone or tablet and listen to their radio “Ruby.” Rooms are bright with hardwood floors and shower in the room is a special experience.

We were especially thrilled by details for which the hotel takes the greatest care. In each room upon arrival, a fresh flower is placed in a vase. Notable as well are their shower gels and soaps, specially designed for “Ruby Hotels” and can be purchased at Hotel or online known as “Ruby Goods” (https://ruby.hotelshop.one/). Fragrances are specially made for boys (“boys and girls”) and girls (“girls and boys”).

Inside the Ruby Marie Hotel Vienna

Inside our room at Hotel Ruby Marie Vienna

The hotel pays particular attention to the breakfast, which is made from organic products. Real experience is also a terrace, which is, of course, fully furnished in a style that is evident throughout the hotel. On warm days you can also enjoy your breakfast in the open air on the terrace. The hotel also features specially equipped rooms for work, yoga, library and much more.

Places to enjoy at Ruby Marie Vieena

Yoga room, Terrace and the Breakfast area with variety to choose from.

Our experience was definitely very positive.

Although we didn’t have a lot of contact with stuff, because most processes are computerized and you can perform check-in by yourself at the tablets in the bar area and check-out is not necessary at all, you just have to take care of leaving the room until a certain time. Nevertheless, we still got the feeling, that it was taken good care of us. I would certainly recommend anyone to visit this hotel. We will certainly return.

If you find it as interesting as we did, check out their official Homepage at: https://www.ruby-hotels.com/en/hotels-destinations/vienna/ruby-marie.


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