Parking in Vienna

Vienna is the place to be explored by public transport and that’s what we do. However, keep in mind that Vienna is also known for expensive parking. Therefore, when arriving by car, we immediately look for a garage and continue our journeys by public transportation. The city is offering great public transport and encourages locals as well as tourists to use it. Tickets for “Vienna Lines” can be bought at every subway station and include all public means of transport (bus, tram, subway).

You’ll find a list of parking garages where we’ve already parked and might be helpful to you as well.

Garage Klausgasse – Located a 15-minute walk away from Stadhalle where in Vienna several concerts and events take place. Garage is located at Klausgasse, opposite no. 18, in so far as you use a navigation system it takes you there. Garage is placed under a playground and is therefore less visible. Certainly it pays off parking here. The garage is under video surveillance and the entrance and exit is possible only with a credit card. Also the parking ticket accounts directly from the card. In principle, it could also go with a ATM card, but we did not succeed. For long-term parking it is definitely recommended. Day ticket is 13,60 € and the hourly rate is 1.70 €. To the subway Thaliastraße is also a 14-minute walk.



Apollo Garage – is one of the oldest garage in Vienna. It is located at Apollogasse 13 and is only a block away from Mariahilfestraße. Garage is namely the oldest and you also must have a little luck to get a space, because it has very little parking lots. The garage is open from 6-23 hour and someone from the staff is always there if you need asistance. If, therefore, you want to stay overnight, there is no access to the car at night. Parking fee for one day is € 11.90, hourly tariff is € 1.70. To the first subway is takes you only 5 minutes walk.

APollo garagae


Arcotel Wimberger Hotel – garage is part of the hotel Arcotel, but it is accessible to all. Parking for 24 hours costs 19 EUR, the hourly rate is € 2.60. Parking fee is payable at the hotel reception. Located at Kenyongasse 27. To the subway from the hotel are just 2 minutes walk.

Garage at Westbahnhof – is certainly one of the major garages and certainly the most known. Access is by Feldberstraße and is located in the complex Westbahnhof. Pricing is certainly not the most favorable. All-day parking cost is 39,00 €, the hourly rate is  3.90 €. From the parking garage can be directly accessed in the mall Westbahnhof, below it is the subway stop, from where you can further explore Vienna on foot.

In any event, the city Vienna is explored much faster if you do it with public transport and leave your automobile at one of the garages. Some hotels have their own parking, but if there is no or is full, I hope this listing helps you to find a garage.


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