As a starting point for choosing this hotel was our visit to the famous Schönbrunn, to be more specific, a concert of classical music at its famous Orangerie, “winter Garden” built in 1754.

Hotel HB1 is situated only 10 minutes of walk through the pleasant environment of the local Auer-Weißbach parka from a Schönbrunn Palace. Closest public transportation station Johnstraße / Linzerstrasse (tram) is in immediate vicinity, while the nearest subway station is near palace Schönbrunn (U4 – Schönbrunn) or (U3 – Johnstraße).


The hotel has bright and modernly furnished rooms with parquet floors. Rooms are equipped with shower cabin with large shower. Hotel offers free wi-fi, signal coverage is ok in rooms as well. We were accommodated in a room with access to the terrace.

Hotel has its own parking garage in the underground floors, with approximately 45 parking places. They are “Viennese” narrow and will take you some maneuvering, but garage used possible space wisely. I recommend you to book the garage together with the room, as you can get special discount offer and park cheaper than if you pay upon your arrival.


What we experienced as a pleasant surprise is surely Hotel’s Bar and breakfast room, located in the attic at the top of the building. Together, with a tasty breakfast of a good selection and very good coffee you can enjoy its splendid view of the Gloriette of Schoenbrunn. With such a view and a rich breakfast, you’re well fitted for a another nice day in Vienna.

Therefore, If you are heading to Vienna and looking for a place to stay near the Schönbrunn Palace, the Hotel HB1 Design is definitely worth a visit .


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