Vienna was and remains a place of countless opportunities for adventure, both at day and at night. Again and again you find an adventure that is worth sharing. One of those adventures was also the sailing on the Danube River.

During the search for something new for us to experience in Vienna, I decided it’s time to go on the river Danube. DDSG BlueDanube GmbH offers just that. On their website they offer several options of sailing on the Danube, either way this should be a short sightseeing, evening sailing or many other options with views of Vienna’s sights. All of the above written can be found at:

I booked and paid online in their online shop. If you want to have a seat reserved in advance, this is the option I recommend, otherwise was, according to our experience also possible to buy tickets just before departure, because then the ship has not been booked out.

Our choice was “citycruise” in which we sailed up the Danube from Schwedenplatz and back. The port of “BlueDanube” can be reached by underground U1 or U4, exit “Schwedenplatz”.

Sailing on the Danube offers a different kind of view of many attractions of Vienna usually seen from another side. During our cruise we could observe, among other things: UniquaTower, the Astronomical Observatory “Urania” bathing ship Wien, hotel and office building by Jean Nouvel, Media Tower by Hans Hollein-a, Schützenhaus von Otto Wagner, Ringturm, RoßauerKaserne, U-Bahn-stations Friedensbrücke und Rossauer Ländeerbaut von Otto Wagner, and many more.

Sailing along the river is also a pleasant refreshment in summer days. The ship has a friendly staff that serves drinks (including cocktails), as well as a snack or ice cream. Prices are comparable to other providers in Vienna.

On board the crew started to prepare the ship for an evening celebration, which was later also stirred cocktails. A pity that we already had something else on, certainly the view of Vienna from the river in the evening is wonderful, with music and cocktails can’t certainly do better.

If you are heading to Vienna and want to know some sights from a different point of view, while also be pleasantly refreshed, we certainly recommend this enjoyable experience. The ride is quiet and relatively slow, so it’s nice for old people as well as children.


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