Classic in Vienna

If you are a fan of classical music is undoubtedly a unique experience visiting one of the many classical concerts, which are daily offered in Vienna. At the website you can find a wide selection of various concerts and operas in Vienna.

We decided to go for a concert in Orangery at Schönbrunn. On the program was a concert of classical music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the Strauss family. The Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra Vienna attaches great importance to Viennese-style interpretation of the pieces it plays and excels in interpreting the works of classical Viennese composers and Viennese music with a subtle and individual touch, always adding that „Viennese“ note. Concert is held at the Schönbrunn complex in the Orangery, which is accessible from Schönbrunner Schlossstrasse.


For us it was an unforgettable experience. Special atmosphere of Orangery and hall acoustics are memorable. In the style of Viennese school is also the reception on arrival at the concert. Special wardrobe for the concert is not required and so at the concert you can see different styles of dresses, from evening wear to sportswear. The concert is really special with that Viennese charm, conductor interacts with the audience and a special intermezzo is a ballet performance while playing classical works of Viennese composers. Definitely worth a visit.


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