After our morning coffee we decided to visit the “UNO City”. UNO City is situated in the 22. District –Donaustadt and it’s easily reachable from the center of Vienna with Metro U1, station: Kaisermühlen – VIC.

High buildings of the UNO City are simply fascinating. They are really the opposite to the “classic” Vienna. It’s construction began in 1973 and it’s still developing. Hiding behind these skyscrapers you’ll find a large park, stretching all the way to the river, called “the Donau Park”. It offers many open fields, walkways, play toys for children and of course the famous “Donauturm”.

We’ve visited it in the morning and were able to enjoy peaceful long walk in the park all the way to the river Danube. We’ve been enjoying the walk so much that we’ve decided not to return to the U1 station where we’ve arrived but walked towards the picturesque station U1 – “Donauinsel” reachable under the “Reichsbrücke”.

The park is peaceful and definitely worth a visit if you want to chill and enjoy the nature. We absolutely enjoyed it.


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