Haus des Meeres

At the last stay at Vienna with our daughter we have visited the Haus des Meeres (House of the Sea). The Haus des Meeres is easily reached via public transport such as the bus lines 13A, 14A, 57A (stop “Haus des Meeres”) or the underground U3 (stop “Neubaugasse”). If you are shopping at the Mariahilfestraße the Haus des Meeres is just around the corner. 

The Haus des Meeres is an Aqua Terra Zoo, where you can see different art of fishes, snakes and even monkeys. The temperatures at the house are very high, because of the animals there. We recommend if you visit the House in the cold months to leave your clothes in the storage boxes at the entrance.

We have enjoyed the visit there although it was very crowded, since we visited the house on Sunday afternoon. If you have the chance go there on weekdays. The Haus des Meeres has more than 10.000 animals to shown on an area of 5.000 m².  The most fascinating are the sharks in the big shark pool. Also, the terrace with the view of Vienna is worth seeing.


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